Wrist Pain: Identifying Pathologies in Tiny Structures with High Resolution MRI

MR imaging aids evaluation of a number of abnormalities of the bones, ligaments, and soft tissues in the wrist. These include ligamentous disruption, disorders of the triangular fibrocartilage, ulnar impaction sydrome, damage to articular cartilage, distal radioulnar joint instability, fracture, avascular necrosis, tendinopathy, nerve entrapment syndromes, synovial abnormalities, and soft-tissue masses. Ligamentous Disruption and Carpal […]

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MRI of the Degenerative Knee: Detecting Early Changes of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is an important cause of disability in our society, affecting millions and resulting in limitations on activity. It is pri­marily a disease of ar­ticular cartilage, ei­ther from distant injury or degeneration. How­ever many other changes are seen in additional tissues about the knee. Imaging offers a non­invasive means of as­ses­sing the degree of damage […]

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The Diabetic Foot: How MRI Helps Surgeons Plan Foot-Sparing Procedures

Complications of diabetes mellitus commonly affect the foot, with potentially disastrous consequences. Foot complications in diabetic patients account for more hospital days than any other aspect of the disease. Amputation is the most feared complication of diabetic foot disease, with 40 to 70% of non-traumatic amputations per­formed on diabetic patients.1 Diabetic foot disease can be […]

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