Wrist Pain: Identifying Pathologies in Tiny Structures with High Resolution MRI

Carpal Tunnel SyndromeMR imaging aids evaluation of a number of abnormalities of the bones, ligaments, and soft tissues in the wrist. These include ligamentous disruption, disorders of the triangular fibrocartilage, ulnar impaction sydrome, damage to articular cartilage, distal radioulnar joint instability, fracture, avascular necrosis, tendinopathy, nerve entrapment syndromes, synovial abnormalities, and soft-tissue masses.

Ligamentous Disruption and Carpal Instability

• Proximal intercarpal liga­ments. The scapho­lunate and luno­triquetral liga­ments are important for carpal stability. These ligaments bridge the dorsal, prox­imal, and…

• Extrinsic liga­ments. MRI may pro­vide an alternative to wrist arthroscopy for eval­uation of extrinsic ligament injury. Most of the extrinsic liga­ments abut the…

Disorders of Triangular Fibrocartilage

The triangular fibrocartilage is an important structure that cushions the ulnocarpal artic­ulation and stabilizes the distal..

Ulnar Impaction Syndrome

The distribution of forces transmitted across the wrist through the radius and ulna is associated with the relative…


Cartilage lesions can result from trauma or arthritis and are often…3


MR imaging can be used for detecting subtle or occult fractures in selected problem cases. It can also rule out fractures in a much larger proportion of patients who would otherwise…

Avascular Necrosis

MR imaging is useful for identifying early carpal bone avascular necrosis during the evaluation of…

• Kienböck’s disease. Also known as luna­tomalacia, Kienböck’s disease refers to avascular…


The extensor tendons of the wrist are divided into six compartments that overlie the…Kienbock's Disease

Nerve Entrapment Syndromes

• Carpal tunnel syndrome. The anatomic causes of median nerve compression in the carpal tunnel can be assessed by…

• Guyon’s canal syndrome. The deep motor branch of the ulnar nerve is subject to compression by…

Soft-Tissue Masses

Common benign soft-tissue tumors of the wrist include ganglion, lipoma, neural tumor, and hemangioma. Epi­thelioid sarcoma is an ominous…


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